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Donald Trump’s childhood home in Queens may fetch up to $10M in upcoming auction

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His victory worked out well for the owners of his onetime Jamaica Estates home

As many struggle to come to grips with what having Donald Trump as our next president may mean for them personally, there are at least two people who are seeing dollar signs. The divorced couple that owns Donald Trump’s childhood home will likely make a huge return on the house once it hits the auction block next month, reports the New York Post.

The Jamaica Estates Tudor home first hit the market in mid-July asking $1.65 million. After failing to sell at that price, the property dropped to $1.4 million, and was then tentatively scheduled to hit the auction block. The owners decided at the last minute to hold off on auctioning the home, which would’ve had a minimum bid of $849,000, until after the election results were in.

“I’d love to say we knew we’d win, but it was a gamble,” said auction house owner Misha Haghani of Paramount Realty USA.

Now that Trump is the presidential-elect, the home could fetch up to $10 million to someone looking to own a piece of history. This would be quite the profit for the owners, who purchased the space for just $782,500 in 2008.