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432 Park Avenue will light up the night sky as of Monday

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Pray for the birds

The western hemisphere’s tallest residential building, 432 Park Avenue, is a hard one to miss in the New York City skyline—so hard, in fact, that Curbed readers captured the tower in photos from across the city and beyond even when it was still on the rise. But now, a new architectural feature is being added to Viñoly’s trash can-inspired building that will make it pop even more.

The architect has teamed up with HDLC Architectural Lighting Design to realize the building’s lighting feature, which will illuminate the building’s 30-foot, double-height mechanical floors at 310, 512, 744, 961, and 1,178 feet.

Per a press release, each illuminated floor has 32 LED light fixtures that will emanate from the windowless openings. “The illumination of the double-height drum floors was part of the tower’s design from its inception—a way to highlight and celebrate the integral breaks in the building,” Viñoly said. The lighting feature will run its inaugural display on Monday.

432 Park Ave

432 Park Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10022

432 Park Avenue

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