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Bright Soho loft with a quirky layout seeks $1.75M

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The floorplan may be a little odd, but the quintessential loft has plenty of charm

Though there’s no description accompanying the listing for this Soho loft, it has all the hallmarks of this particular type of New York City apartment: wide open spaces, high ceilings, some industrial touches (exposed brick, for one), and the like. But some warmer touches, like built-in bookshelves and a brick fireplace, keep it from feeling too sterile.

And the floorplan itself is a bit weird, with two common spaces—a living room and home office—bookending the place, and a longer gallery in the middle. The oddly-shaped bedroom comes with two walk-in closets, and there’s additional storage space next to the living room.

Still, if a quirky layout doesn’t bother you, it’s plenty workable—the current owner has used bright colors and mod furniture to create an inviting space—and the price is $1.75 million. It’s a lot for what’s essentially a very large one-bedroom, sure, but the ways the space could be re-envisioned are numerous…which is something.