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Sprawling Lincoln Square penthouse with sweeping terrace wants $11.25M

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The apartment boasts views of Central Park and the Hudson River

When this massive 3,364-square-foot penthouse above renowned Lincoln Center was first sold in 1998, it fetched a little over $2.2 million. One sale, two more listings, and 18 years later, its asking price has grown to $11.25 million which is a hefty increase, but still less than the $16 million it sought in 2015. So what does one get for all those millions? Let’s take a look.

The most obvious amenity that propels the price tag upwards are the 180-degree views of Manhattan. After all, it’s often such breathtaking views that make any millionaire ready to sign over a check just to wake up to the lovely sights of Central Park every day. But aside from that, there are four bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, and bold columns.

Nested within the Grand Millennium, the expansive condo manages to encapsulate both classic charm and modern grace. The eat-in kitchen is decked out with custom cabinetry and wallpaper while the bathrooms come with lots of marble and walk-in closets. The terrace is the size of some small studios at 200 square feet, facing the Hudson River.

It wouldn’t be complete without some sort of building amenities, so to satisfy that requirement, there is a doorman, valet, and an Equinox Sports Club just next door.