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For $700,000, a small but charming Chelsea co-op

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The fully-furnished one-bedroom has plenty of nice details

Welcome back to The Six Digit Club, in which we take a look at a newish-to-market listing priced under $1 million, because nice things sometimes come in small packages. Send nominations to the tipline.

We’ll address the cons of this cozy little Chelsea co-op first: It’s a rather narrow apartment, with a bedroom that measures just under eight feet at its widest point. That’s not awesome. The kitchen’s a bit loud (what’s with all the red cabinetry?), and it’s asking $700,000, which is quite a bit for a small-ish one-bedroom.

Now, with that out of the way, here are the pros: It’s located on a rather perfect block (21st Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues), in one of those lovely, old Chelsea townhouses. The kitchen has new appliances, and there’s plenty of storage space. It has charming features like exposed brick and a fireplace (decorative, but still). And there’s access to a little roof deck, which will be pretty nice in about five or six months.