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Palatial Upper East Side apartment with Met Museum views wants $29M

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This massive apartment has a total of 14 rooms and even an oval library

Some townhouses are lucky if they can boast five bedrooms and six bathrooms, yet this extravagant apartment within the Upper East Side’s exclusive building at 998 Fifth Avenue does just that. Making its way to the market for the first time in 16 years, the $29 million apartment has had its share of prominent owners over its lifespan, ranging from the son of the Watergate scandal prosecutor, Archibald Cox, Jr., and most recently, the late CEO of a successful chemical products trade and shipping company, Ronald Stanton (h/t Observer).

After receiving a renovation, the apartment still embodies classic Upper East Side elegance and grandeur. Many details of its past have remained in place like intricate moldings, wainscoting, several fireplaces, and herringbone wood floors. Add to that, the expansive hallway decked out with fancy chandeliers, detailed ceilings, and French doors the home begins to take on characteristics of a museum.

The common rooms feature 14-foot ceilings and lots of sunlight while the large bedrooms are a bit humbler but stunning, nonetheless. There is a huge oval library that rests between the expansive dining and living rooms before leading into the gallery and eventually the large butler’s pantry and staff rooms. To top things off, there are views of both the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park. All of this awaits the right wealthy buyer with enough zest to get past the notoriously difficult co-op board.

998 Fifth Avenue

998 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY