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MTA hustling to meet Second Avenue Subway opening date

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The agency is working to beat all odds and avoid another delay

It may take a miracle to get the Second Avenue subway finished in time for its end-of-year opening date but MTA workers are working to vigorously to meet the December deadline, reports the New York Times.

There are three stations that, if not completed quickly, could risk delaying the project yet again. Contractors are still working on installing escalators and elevators at the 72nd and 86th street stations. As it stands, the 96th Street station is on schedule to be completed on time, given no discrepancies arise.

Nevertheless, one of the project’s independent engineers is wondering if the MTA will be able to complete fire safety testing by December 15th. “[T]his kind of testing has proven be the most painstaking and time-consuming for these projects, and the project’s working to see if they can get ahead of that at this point,” engineer Kent Haggas said.

At a committee meeting held on Monday, MTA chairman Thomas Prendergast reassured that the agency is committed to meeting the deadline, working around the clock towards its completion. He also said that they have not ruled out opening on time but bypassing unfinished stations, until they are completed.