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$7M Bay Ridge house delivers Louis XIV by way of South Brooklyn

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You’ve probably never seen anything like this in Bay Ridge before

An outrageously stunning home in Bay Ridge has appeared on the market with a big-ticket ask: $6.9 million to be precise. But after one look around, the hefty price tag may become clearer as it becomes evident that Louis XIV style and grace runs rampant in this over-the-top abode.

The simplest way to begin describing this “spectacular Architectural Digest home,” as the brokerbabble calls it, is by starting with the basics. The opulent single-family house boasts five bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms. After that, all glory goes to the immense amount of details. There are hand-painted mural ceilings, deluxe crown moldings, white Italian Carrera marble columns, and extraordinary fireplaces.

The kitchen is huge and stately, yet also quite modern and there is a formal dining room on hand as well. The bathrooms aren’t any less extravagant because, why would they be? Finished with onyx and gold fixtures, there are glorious vanities, claw foot tubs, and beautiful wall tiling.

The listing description states that there are “several patios” with lovely views and outdoor entertaining space isn’t in short supply: enjoy a swim in the in-ground pool or a backyard barbecue with enough space to invite tons of friends and family over.