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Big reveal: $749,000 for a spacious Carroll Gardens one-bedroom

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Did you guess the correct asking price?

Yesterday we wanted to know how much you thought a one-bedroom apartment in Carroll Gardens that is renovated, but by no means fancy, was asking on the market. Relying on already ridiculous New York real estate prices and Carroll Gardens’s cachet as a West Village of Brooklyn, it’s logical that guesses this week ran on the high side.

“Anyone saying anything above 800k needs to get their head checked,” writes commenter _tommydanger, who offered a guess of $750,000, to which NYCsince1983 replied “Totally agree. But the market is so ridiculously overblown right now, I always add an extra $100-200K to my guesses.” That is generally a safe strat and NYCsince1983 has the Pricespotter champ chops to prove it, but this week _tommydanger prevails: this one-bedroom pad at 492 Henry Street between Sackett and Degraw streets is on the market for $749,000.

Take one last look at the below.