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Pier 55’s futuristic floating park will be home to 400 plant species

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See how far this controversial park has made progress

Having fought off several lawsuits, the Diane Von Furstenberg and Barry Diller-funded Pier 55 park is making progress. A recent Wall Street Journal feature on the $200 million creation has offered up some details about the ongoing construction.

For instance, 55 of the total 535 concrete columns that will support the park over the Hudson River have now been put in place. They generally measure about three feet wide and stand between 70-200 feet tall. To create the base of the park, pentagonal shapes that the structural engineer for the project has called, “pots,” will be placed on tops of the piles, according to the WSJ.

These “pots” will then be connected with concrete and form a base that measures about 104,000 square feet. About 13,540 cubic yards of soil will sit on top of what will then be a rectangular base that will rise up to 62-feet tall in one section of this sloping park.

The landscape architect for the project, Signe Nielsen, told the WSJ that the park will have 115 trees, and about two dozen of them will be 40-feet high when they’re planted. There will also be 400 species of plants growing on the 2.4-acre park. These trees and plants will create somewhat of a sound barrier for the 750-seat amphitheater that will be located on the island.

Once complete the park will be accessible from connecting paths on West 13th and West 14th Streets. If everything goes according to plan (there are currently two pending lawsuits against the project), construction will wrap up in 2019.