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What NYC building would you nominate as a 21st-century landmark?

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This week, the New York Times tasked architects, real estate experts, and critics—including Curbed’s own editor in chief, Kelsey Keith—with the task of choosing, in author Matt A.V. Chaban’s words, “buildings … [that] may someday be worthy of appearing in a Times Square souvenir snow globe.”

The answers were plenty varied, with both prominent skyscrapers (432 Park Avenue, One World Trade Center) and less flashy choices (the DSNY Salt Shed, Via Verde in the Bronx) among the name-checked buildings. (FWIW, Keith chose the Wythe Hotel, calling it “an exemplar of adaptive reuse.”) And whether or not you agree with those choices, one thing is certain: the buildings on the list have spurred conversation, and transformed the neighborhoods they’re located in—or, in some cases, the skyline itself.

But we know Curbed commenters love to weigh in on these sorts of things, so now’s your chance: Which NYC buildings would you have added to this list? Is there a particular structure—whether it’s a supertall or a small municipal building—that’s worth designating a 21st-century icon? (That’s the only caveat—please pick a building that has gone up after 2000!) And where did the Times get it wrong?