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Extell’s One Manhattan Square is one-third of the way there

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Check out the progress on the Lower East Side luxury tower

Extell’s Lower East Side condo has only just started to rise, but it’s already made a serious dent in the skyline around the Manhattan Bridge. Construction site photographer Field Condition visited One Manhattan Square to capture some glamour shots of the safety orange-wrapped building and its views thus far. One Manhattan Square already dominates the area, but now stands at a mere third of its ultimate 800 feet.

The development is hoping its waterfront views and truly vast collection of amenities are a major draw to the building, referred to recently by the Times as a “luxury condo in a so-so setting.” “When I was growing up, I wouldn’t come down here, it’s true,” Extell ‘s Manhattan-born president Gary Barnett told the paper during a recent tour of the sales gallery. “But today, the neighborhood is totally different.” Not everyone’s convinced; “[The area] will probably be appealing for anybody who has no idea of what once was,” an area resident unaffiliated with the development told the Times.

And that’s kind of true. Of the building’s 815 apartments, 80 are already in contract. (While sales in the building launched in the States on November 1, they’ve been ongoing internationally in locales like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for months.)

“There's a tremendous hunger to purchase in New York for investment or for living or for safety or for a pied-a-terre...It's hard to find something which is a good value and that more people can afford," Barnett, who’s behind the building that’s home to the city’s most expensive condo, told the Times back in October 2015. The building’s average price per square foot teeters around $1,600, where the neighborhood average according to StreetEasy is $1,410.

For more photos, head on over to Field Condition.

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