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Get a glimpse of the vessels being constructed for forthcoming citywide ferry system

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Hornblower and city officials traveled to Louisiana to check on the vessels that will soon service the boroughs

Officials from the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and Hornblower took a trip to Jeanerette, Louisiana to check in on a few of the vessels currently being built that will make up the New York City’s first citywide ferry system.

Hornblower’s CEO Terry MacRae, Senior Vice President and Citywide Ferry Project Manager Cameron Clark and NYCEDC Executive Vice President Seth Myers

NYCEDC Executive Vice President Seth Myers along with Hornblower’s CEO Terry MacRae and Citywide Ferry Project Manager Cameron Clark toured the Horizon Shipyard where eight out of 19 ferry boats are being constructed. Once built, the ships will measure 85 feet long and possess the ability to transport 150 passengers at a time, along with room to accommodate bikes, strollers, and wheelchairs.

According to a press release, the boats will be “equipped with the latest in 21st-century maritime technology and best design practices.”

Another set of four vessels are being constructed at a different facility named Metal Shark and a few more are being crafted in Alabama. About 200 employees are working towards getting all 19 structures completed in time for their launch in summer 2017. So far, everything is adhering to schedule.

The ferry system will service Bay Ridge, Astoria, Rockaway, and other neighborhoods across the city, providing direct access to Wall Street and a few areas of Midtown. Pretty soon, the NYCEDC will begin installing the 21 ferry landings throughout the boroughs.

Once the vessels are complete, they should look something like this: