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New Yorkers expand ‘subway therapy’ wall beyond Union Square

The post-it therapy frenzy is spreading across MTA subway stations

It’s been almost two weeks since the shocking Election Day results were revealed to the world and people are still feeling the emotions that came along with it. To give New Yorkers an outlet to express their inner thoughts and concerns, artist Levee created Subway Therapy, an interactive makeshift installation that encourages passersby to share messages of hope, unity, and love (even Governor Andrew Cuomo joined in). Thousands of notes have took over the walls of the 14th Street–Sixth Ave subway station and it continues to grow. And now, similar post-it confession walls are beginning to make their way into other subway stations, reports Gothamist.

The walls of the Atlantic Terminal station in Brooklyn have begun to receive hundreds of colorful post-it notes of their own. Subway Therapy isn’t behind this expansion, and some folks have reported that it was in fact a Christian woman who started the wall in Brooklyn by asking people to write messages of love. It quickly amassed hundreds of notes before MTA workers swooped in and began removing the notes.

Something tells us that more stations will begin seeing their own versions of ‘subway therapy’ in the days to come.