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7 stunning NYC dining rooms to inspire you this holiday season

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Get inspiration for your own holiday table from these lovely New York apartments

A creative Crown Heights couple traded in their former “stuffy” dining room table for this “inviting” one by modern furniture designer Milo Baughman. The playful rug, chandelier, and surrounding artwork add to the room’s overall coziness.
Max Touhey

New York City apartments aren’t exactly known for their spacious square footage, and dining rooms are often more of a bonus than a common feature. But that doesn’t mean a decent space to host a dinner party—or a holiday feast—can’t be found. Curbed has had the pleasure of featuring a few lovely homes that were lucky enough to have the space to spare for an entertaining space that leans on the larger size and will surely come in handy this holiday season.

Perhaps some of these dining rooms, gathered from our House Calls column, will spark some decor inspiration for your own space, whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a party for 30. (Hey, it can be done.)

Glenn Gissler House Calls Brooklyn Heights
Interior designer Glenn Gissler loves to throw dinner parties, and his dining room table has a bold presence in his Brooklyn Heights duplex. It’s been outfitted in Kuba cloth and can accommodate as many as 14 of his friends and family members.
Max Touhey
House Calls - 85 Quay Street
Kearney Sevier and Zack Kortright will give their guest something to talk about if they plan on hosting Thanksgiving this year. Their charismatic Greenpoint home boast a dining table that expands to seat 30 (!!) people and its surrounding antiques and oddities make for great conversation pieces.
Max Touhey
House Calls NYC East Elmhurst July 2016
This modern, open kitchen and dining area is located in a renovated, once-dated Queens townhouse. While the dining space isn’t huge, it’s nice that the kitchen island is, allowing for additional room to display a full holiday feast.
Max Touhey
This isn’t exactly a traditional dining room—in fact, the converted Clinton Hill carriage house as a whole is pretty quirky—the atmosphere is fun and free-spirited, and far less formal than a more polished space.
Max Touhey
Regina and Billy Mariano Jersey House Calls
This Jersey City loft sports a warm, inviting dining room concocted by interior designer Regina Mariano, who lives in the space along with her husband Billy.
When architects Max Worrell and Jejon Yeung opted for their Carroll Gardens co-op, they had their work cut out for them. After a gut renovation, the open kitchen and dining room has just enough space to host an intimate dinner—and its minimalist design certainly wouldn’t detract from the holiday meal.
Max Touhey