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Harlem townhouse on Striver's Row seeks a potentially record-breaking $4M

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The historic home has increased its asking price by $250,000

Nine months ago, this 5,016-square-foot townhouse on West 138th Street in Harlem appeared on the market asking $3.75 million, a price that would’ve broken the sales record along Striver’s Row if it had successfully unloaded for that price. But there were no takers, so the owners did the illogical and decided to raise the ask to an even $4 million.

The listing photos don’t seem to suggest that any major renovations have taken place between February and now that would explain the $250,000 price hike. The four-bedroom home still sports the same dated interiors along with its rare two-car garage and sizable terrace. Other details that are in place include high ceilings, wainscoting, window and wall moldings, two skylights, and five decorative fireplaces.

Formerly listed by Weichert Rockefeller Center, the sunny townhouse is now being represented by Douglas Elliman.