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Go inside Facebook’s awesome Manhattan offices

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Photos of the social media company’s Broadway digs are here and they’re awesome

In 2014, Facebook’s New York City-based employees made the move into their new Frank Gehry-designed office space at 770 Broadway. Back then, the place was only partially done , giving just a small hint of what was to come but now, Business Insider got a chance to tour the exclusive space and we can see why so many employees continue to help the company top the list of ‘Best Places to Work.’

The new offices are certainly a huge improvement over their former space on Fifth Avenue and 45th Street, which was painfully disenchanting. Now, there’s an actual Facebook “wall” for employees to post on, an open layout with quiet rooms tucked in various places, and an amazing cafeteria that includes everything from pizza and salad to office-made frozen yogurt and a pastry chef. The offices spread across four floors in what used to be the Wanamaker’s flagship department store.

A physical Facebook “wall” stands front and center at the office.

When people ask you what's on your mind and you point to this Gibberish #Theaccuracy

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Employees can venture away from the open-concept main office floor for a more cozy work space (the “tiny room” is as “cozy” as they come).

50 shades of green. #Instagram #FacebookNY #interiordesign #GatesSocial

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BTS of the @instagram live launch. So excited about the new update.

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The beloved cafeteria has a subway theme at the ordering station.

Facebook NY

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Lunch time! #Lunch #HollaHalalBackGuys #facebook

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The decor is fun and playful throughout...

Wishing I was still there... #tbt #nyc

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and there is some serious wall art going on.

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I ❤️ NY

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For a deeper look inside Facebook’s New York offices, head on over to Business Insider.