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Trump Tower may become home to Secret Service outpost

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The Secret Service is eyeing two floors within the glitzy tower and the money may be making it back into Donald Trump’s pockets

With news that future First Lady Melania Trump and son Barron will not be joining Donald Trump in the White House come January, it’ll take over 250 Secret Service agents and cops to keep them safe within their Fifth Avenue Trump Tower penthouse and around the city. For this reason, the agency is considering taking over two floors within the luxury building, but it could cost as much as $3 million and what’s worst, that money could end up making its way into Donald Trump’s pockets, reports the New York Post (h/t Gothamist).

The Secret Service and NYPD will need two adjacent floors to operate a 24/7 command post. It is not uncommon for the agency to acquire rental spaces to protect the President and vice-President along with their families, however, renting in a property that happens to be the president’s corporation is. With the building’s current market rate, rent for the two floors would average out to around $1.5 million each annually.

This may drive even more Trump Tower residents to jump ship, as many of them have already grown tired and frustrated with the pandemonium that has engulfed the building. Nearly 15 percent of the building’s unit are vacant and for many of those listed on the market, they have been seeing their prices travel on a downward slope.

Trump Tower

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