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Adrenaline junky teen records death-defying skyscraper climbs

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Justin Casquejo was arrested in 2014 for climbing One WTC, but that hasn’t stopped him

As long as there are skyscrapers, there will be thrill-seekers who climb them for the sheer joy of ascending to the top of a very tall building. (Also, for bragging rights/Instagram likes.) One of those daredevils is 18-year-old Justin Casquejo, who’s perhaps best known for reaching the apex of One World Trade Center in 2014—and subsequently getting caught and convicted for the stunt. (His punishment? Community service and writing a 1,200-word apology.)

But apparently that wasn’t enough to keep him off of buildings. The Daily News points out that Casquejo maintains pretty active Instagram and YouTube accounts, where he posts his latest madcap stunts—everything from hanging off of the towers of the Time Warner Center to climbing atop the Manhattan Bridge. When asked why he does it by a fellow climber, Casquejo has a one-word answer: “Adrenaline.” Fair enough.

One of his most recent climbs was of the under-construction 220 Central Park South, which has become a magnet for urban explorers as of late. Check out that video:

Here he is hanging from the Parachute Jump on Coney Island:

And hanging from the scaffolding on what appears to be 220 Central Park South (shot, probably not coincidentally, around the same time that photographer Viktor Thomas snapped these photos):

And hanging from the Time Warner Center:

And on top of the George Washington Bridge, because why not?

And in a lengthier clip shot by Los Angeles-based photographer Mark Dohner, Casquejo scales a Fifth Avenue building and explains how he gets to the top of these tall towers (spoiler: gumption).