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Peek inside fashion designer Jason Wu’s sleek Tribeca loft

The designer offers a peek inside his stylish Tribeca pad

Designer Jason Wu is known for his ultra-feminine, colorful designs that have earned him fans like First Lady Michelle Obama, but when it comes to home decor, the 34-year-old designer is slightly more subdued. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Wu offered a peek inside his chic Tribeca apartment, which he shares with husband Gustavo Rangel (who’s also the chief brand officer for Wu’s eponymous clothing line).

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The couple moved to Tribeca after spending more than five years in a Midtown one-bedroom, and tapped interior designer Andre Mellone to fulfill their vision for the space. “Andre and I make a pretty good pair because he’s supermasculine in his tastes and I’m very feminine,” Wu told the WSJ.

The results: dark curtains, rich wooden accents, and pops of color, along with playful midcentury modern furniture from Europe and Brazil, and lots of shades of gray (Wu’s favorite color).

Hosting friends and family was important for Wu and Rangel so they tasked Mellone with creating stylish and accommodating kitchen and dining room. The open living room was partially closed off, and a second bedroom was transformed into a makeshift bar and lounge room. Wu is now on a mission to perfect his culinary prowess. “My next goal is to get better at baking,” he explained.

Another important factor for Wu and Rangel was the ability to showcase their art and photography collection. Everything from Italian figure drawings to Bruce Weber portraits and photos of Mr. Chow line the walls of the apartment. But Wu’s favorite piece is a 1980s Angelo Maniarotti dining table.

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