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300 apartments due to rise near the Brooklyn Navy Yard

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Spread out over an eight-story and six-story building respectively

Nearly 300 new apartments are set to be built near the southeastern border of Brooklyn Navy Yard, and 88 of those apartments will be offered up as affordable units, YIMBY has learned. Developed by the same guy behind Williamsburg’s William Vale hotel, Zelig Weiss, the properties where these apartment buildings will rise are located at 376-378 Flushing Avenue and 43 Franklin Avenue respectively.

The properties sit at the intersection of Brooklyn Navy Yard, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and South Williamsburg and are currently zoned for heavy manufacturing. The Franklin Avenue site is a parking lot and the properties at Flushing Avenue are listed as a door-making company, Exclusive Doors, and the Community Service Center of Greater Williamsburg.

On Flushing Avenue, the developers want to build an eight-story building with 168 apartments, 50 of which will be affordable. On Franklin Avenue, the apartment building will rise six stories and come with 128 apartments, 38 of which will be affordable. Since the sites need to be rezoned to allow for residential development, the properties will be subject to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing policy, and hence the larger amount of affordable units.

The properties have already been the subject of some controversy however. Weiss was originally collaborating with two partners on this project, Fedor Itskovitch and Yael Goldman, who runs All Year Management. Weiss and Goldman seemed to have had a falling out however as the latter filed a lawsuit against the former alleging that the other two partners were trying to remove All Year Management from this project.