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Macklowe’s more modest Midtown condos will average about $4M

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Well, "modest" when compared to the developer's nearby 432 Park Avenue

While Macklowe Properties’ 432 Park tower continues to make headlines with its überpricey apartments, its more modest development at 200 East 59th Street revealed approximate pricing and while there likely won't be any $82 million penthouses, it's still plenty expensive.

According to The Real Deal, the 35-story CetraRuddy-designed tower will offer 68 condos, three of which will be penthouses, averaging about $4 million a piece. The average apartment size should be somewhere around 1,490 square feet, with a total of 99,848 square feet of residential space and another 18,000 square feet being designated to retail space. Additionally, each floor will have its own wraparound terraces once the building is complete.

Macklowe Properties is projecting a sellout of just over $264 million. The project is expected to be complete by the end of 2017.