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Lavish Puck Penthouse returns with $35M asking price

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The enormous apartment was the first to enter contract back in 2013

Way back in 2013, one of the opulent Puck Penthouses entered contract for $27.5 million, though it’s not clear if a sale in Penthouse IV—the second-largest of the lavish apartments atop Nolita’s iconic Puck Building—ever closed. Now, nearly three years later, only a few of those lavish pads are still available to buyers—including, as of recently, Penthouse IV, which is back and asking $35 million. It was (and still is) recently listed by Town as an $85,000/month rental.

Like the other Puck Penthouses, the apartment itself is a beaut: design team Fox-Nahem Associates gave it a custom renovation that’s got a whole industrial-urban-chic vibe going for it (the barrel-vaulted ceilings, for instance, are done up in a variety of finishes—wood, subway tile, etc.). Other features include a custom fireplace in the living room, a media room with a home theater and sound system, a master suite with two bathrooms and two dressing rooms, and huge windows throughout.

And as if all that wasn’t enough—and for a buyer willing to shell out $35 million on a place, presumably it’s not—the palatial pad also comes with an enormous terrace whose myriad features include “a custom fountain,” a hot tub with retractable cover, and a lovely little pergola.

Still, given the penthouse’s history—and the fact that this place was in contract for nearly $8 million less than its current ask—the big question is: will a buyer actually pay the full ask? We’ll have to wait and see.

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