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Gene Kaufman designs another ‘deeply unexciting’ Midtown hotel

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The Hyatt Place hotel on West 39th Street will hold 518 rooms

Manhattan hotel authority Sam Chang is at it again. YIMBY reports that Chang has started construction on his second hotel on West 39th Street between Eighth and Ninth avenues, a Hyatt Place designed by Chang’s frequent collaborator Gene Kaufman. It will be the tenth project Chang and Kaufman team up on.

The hotel at 350 West 39th Street, a Hyatt Place, will stand 25 stories and hold 518 rooms, which is five stories and nearly 100 rooms larger than plans on file with Department of Buildings. YIMBY calls the hotel’s design "deeply unexciting, even for Gene Kaufman" which is, to put it one way, accurate.

Chang acquired the site for $112 million in 2014, and it’s since been divided into three lots that will all give rise to McSam Hotels. Nothing screams options like three hotels next to each other developed by the same person.