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Experience Flatiron from a hammock overlooking Madison Square Park

The hammocks will be suspended from glowing arches in a new public installation

New York City isn’t bereft of quirky, interactive installations in public spaces, and the latest to join that ever-growing list is an installation named Flatiron Sky-Line, which as the name suggests will be located in the Flatiron District, right next to Madison Square Park, to be precise, DNAinfo reports.

The installation was the winning entry in a competition organized by the Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership, and the Van Alen Institute. It’s the third such competition they’ve held, and the winning entry in the Flatiron Public Plaza Holiday Design Competition was created by the design firm LOT.

The firm’s design is a series of contiguous glowing arches that will be placed in the plaza and come with hammocks. The arches are made out of powder-coated steel tubes with LED lights inside them, and the hammocks suspended from the arches will allow visitors to take in the neighborhood around them.

Created as part of the Flatiron Partnership’s annual holiday programming, the sculpture will be installed at the North Flatiron Public Plaza on November 21, and stay on display until the end of the holiday season.

“Flatiron Sky-Line is an engaging installation, creating a social space underneath the illuminated arched outline, a structure to walk within and around, gaze through it towards the skyline, and experience Flatiron’s surroundings through a certain lens,” said Leonidas Trampoukis, one of the principals at LOT. “The simplicity of the installation’s design will draw in audiences, and, we expect, produce significant feelings as they stand in one of our country’s most recognizable intersections.”