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For $165,000, Live at the St. Regis for less than a month each year

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The hotel is offering up a studio as a timeshare for 28 days each year

If you have $165,000 to spare, you could live the high life at one of New York City’s most storied hotels, the St. Regis Hotel in Midtown, but there’s a catch of course—you can only stay there 28 days each year. That works out to just under $5,900 per day.

The St. Regis is offering up a “fractional timeshare” on a studio-sized room at the hotel for 28 days every year. If the New York digs aren’t up to your taste, you can take up temporary residence at some of their other participating properties nationwide such as the St. Regis Residence Club in Aspen, Colorado or the Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona—but again it’s only those 28 days.

The hotel group wants you to see this more as a club membership of sorts (or so it seems at least)—the company that operates the St. Regis, Starwood Hotels, will let you exchange the nights for flights or for stays at other Starwood properties as well (They own the W chain of hotels to name one).

So what does $165,000 get you at the St. Regis? Access to all their amenities, along with a 24/7 butler service. Celebrities who have camped out at the St. Regis for long periods of time over the years include Salvador Dali, Alfred Hitchock, and Marlene Dietrich.