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Prettiest NYC homes that hit the market this week

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This week’s edition includes the lavish home of Tommy Hilfiger, lavish penthouses, and small chic spaces

Every week, Curbed covers dozens of market listings that vary in price, location, size, grandeur, quirkiness, and other distinct characteristics. If they managed to capture our attention, that means there’s definitely something special going on. But some of these homes are so lovely that they warrant a special kind of notoriety as some of the prettiest homes currently up for sale in New York City. And so, here it is: five listing that have that special "je ne sais quoi" that separates them from the rest. Happy gawking!

↑The first thing that’s eye catching about this two-bedroom Brooklyn Heights duplex loft is its expansive double-height living area. But its unencumbered views out onto Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Manhattan skyline beyond are the true focal point here.

↑This petite Crown Heights penthouse is filled to the brim with enviable amenities that include an upgraded kitchen, ultra-modern fireplace, and a private rooftop terrace with views of Manhattan. The best part is that it’s only asking $650,000.

↑As lovely as Tommy Hilfiger’s Plaza penthouse is, it just can’t seem to find a buyer. After its initial ask of a whopping $80 million, the apartment has undergone at least three price chops before its most recent $10 million price slash. It’s now trying its luck for $58.9 million.

↑A chic East Village apartment, which appears to be a studio with a sleeping alcove, has been renovated but maintains much of its pre-war appeal. Ceiling heights reach 9.5 feet, while white-painted brick walls line the living and dining room, and the common space is highlighted by a decorative fireplace. Asking price is a relatively low $499,000.

↑Like other Puck Penthouses, this apartment is a beaut. Design team Fox-Nahem Associates gave it a custom renovation that’s got a whole industrial-urban-chic vibe going for it. Other features include a custom fireplace in the living room, a media room with a home theater and sound system, a master suite with two bathrooms and two dressing rooms, and huge windows throughout. This much opulence will set you back $35 million.