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Sheepshead Bay has the lowest average rent in Brooklyn: report

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The outer Brooklyn neighborhood averages rent under $2,000 a month

Once upon a time, Brooklyn was actually a much more affordable part of New York City than Manhattan. And while, those days are long gone—Brooklyn rents now average nearly $3,200 per month, nearly as high as those in Manhattan—there are still some pockets of affordability, especially if you’re willing to look in deep Brooklyn.

According to the New York Post, the less bustling neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay has an average rent price in September of $1,729 a month. While that’s not exactly cheap, when you compare it with the borough’s average—or that of Manhattan, where rents are averaging $4,117—it’s not so bad.

The commute into Manhattan plays into the neighborhoods lower rents, as travel via the nearby B and Q trains can take up to an hour, explained real estate guru Jonathan Miller. Flatbush and Sunset Park also tallied in under the borough’s average, with rent prices hovering around $1,796 and $1,977 a month, respectively in September. They’re also a bit closer to Manhattan, which explains the slightly more expensive average price.