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Hip Hop Hall of Fame eyes Manhattan location

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The institution seeks to attract 1 million visitors a year

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame has announced plans to build a hybrid museum and hotel with retail at a yet-to-be-disclosed Manhattan location. Not to be confused with the Universal Hip Hop Museum that’s eyeing the Bronx County Courthouse as a landing spot for its institution, the Hip Hop Hall of Fame is the brainchild of J.T. Thompson, the first producer of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Induction Ceremony & Concert on the BET Cable Network.

Per a press release, the facility will include a five-star hotel, retail stores, a gift shop, an arcade, TV studios, a sports bar, restaurant, and concert lounge. The museum has set its sights on an annual draw of 1 million patrons, one-fifth of the visitorship of the High Line, one of New York’s most popular attractions. It also expects to host 20,000 school kids annually, and entertain kids at schools across the city with visiting mascot "B-Boy Scratch" (no, we didn’t make this up.)

The museum is eyeing one of two Manhattan locations, both of which are near major transportation hubs, the press release notes. Whether this plan will be realized is another story. The museum is on the hunt for a investment strategic partner or, said more simply, funding. The museum is also on the hunt for a corporate brand to partner with on naming rights.

The development team behind the museum anticipates acquiring the site by 2017, with a projected museum opening in 2019-2020.