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Opulent Upper West Side townhouse with 24-karat gold ceilings asks $17.65M

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“The most exquisite Manhattan townhome restoration to come to market in the 21st Century”

This isn’t just any multimillion dollar Upper West Side townhouse; this is "the most exquisite Manhattan townhome restoration to come to market in the 21st Century." Or so promises the brokerbabble for this $17.65 million, five-story residence, which, in all honesty, is rather nice. Whether or not the urban palace is in fact the most exquisite of all the 21st century is up for debate, but certainly, this place seems like a reasonable contender.

Commissioned in 1888 by public health and education advocate Elizabeth Milbank, and designed by famed architects Hugh Lamb and Charles Alonzo Rich, the 20-foot-wide abode offers 8,807 square feet of interior living space, 10 (!) working fireplaces, and "the most astonishing architectural details."

The parlor floor, which serves as a "massive welcoming and dining level," is the architectural centerpiece here, still decked out in the original custom millwork; the grand dining room, meanwhile, features butternut hexagon parquet floors, and 24-karat-gold coffered ceilings, extravagantly trimmed with "‘massive" mahogany crown molding.

And that is just the beginning. Downstairs, the garden level houses the library and enormous "garden lounge," while also retaining "hints" of what was once the home’s wood-fired kitchen. Upstairs, the master suite spans the entire third floor—with 1,200 square feet of living space, it’s basically the size of a normal apartment—and offers a large walk-in closet, two of the ten fireplaces, and the ultimate luxury: his-and-hers bathrooms. There is slightly less to say about the fourth and fifth floors, each of which has two bedrooms, each with a private bath and closet. (The fifth floor also comes equipped with a small kitchenette and outdoor patio.)

Historic as it is, the place is hardly short on modern amenities, including laundry, a steam shower, a jacuzzi, and, yes, a "state-of-the-art" elevator.