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19th-century Midtown townhouse wants $7.5M after passive house revamp

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There’s a huge landscaped roof that’ll meet all your entertainment needs


What happens when a 19th-century townhouse in Turtle Bay receives a modern renovation? In this case, the result is a one-of-a-kind space whose modern features sit comfortably alongside historic elements.

Many of the turn-of-the-century details within this Italianate-style home have been carefully restored and preserved. The parlor floor has ceilings that reach heights of 11 feet and features one of two marble fireplaces, white oak floors, and a “painstakingly restored gilded pier mirror that is original to the house,” says the brokerbabble.

But its 2014 revamp was done according to passive house standards, and it now has high-tech cooling and ventilation systems that have, per the listing, afforded the home an Energy Star rating—one of only two homes in the city to get that. (Nice!)

There are total of seven floors (yes, there’s an elevator) and the home’s myriad features include a sleek eat-in kitchen, a media room, five bedrooms, a skylight, a backyard, and a huge landscaped roof deck. There are also home-tech additions like motorized window shades and a Sonos music system.

The price for all of this: $7.5 million.