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Big reveal: $925,000 for a light-filled Clinton Hill 2BR with roof terrace

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Did you guess the correct asking price?

All photos courtesy Halstead Property

Yesterday we wanted to know how much you thought this sunny apartment in Clinton Hill was going for on the market and surprisingly, the majority of guesses anticipated space to be asking seven figures. Among the 15 comments, not one managed to accurately guess the correct price, but a few folks came quite close.

Located at 96 Lefferts Place, the 1,035-square-foot 2BD/2BA condo is asking $925,000 for its spacious and airy layout. Trilby16 missed the mark by just $24,000 with a guess of $949,000 and a few gripes to go along with it, especially for the apartment’s wall-hung A/C units. Adrastos C thought the amount of closet space wasn’t as generous as chalked up to be and didn’t see the need for two bathrooms, but was close, nonetheless, with a guess of $895,000.

So now that you know the asking price, do you think it is worth it? Here’s one more look at the space.