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Governor Cuomo is ‘cautiously optimistic’ that MTA will meet Second Avenue Subway deadline

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Let’s hope he’s right

Photos courtesy governorandrewcuomo Flickr

Governor Andrew Cuomo won’t let the MTA’s lack of announcing an opening date for the long-stalled Second Avenue Subway stop him from believing in miracles. After a Friday afternoon visit to the project site, he took to Twitter and stated that he was “cautiously optimistic” that the project would hit its January 1st deadline (h/t Gothamist).

The final push to get the line open in time has seen its share of setbacks. There was that time in October when officials realized some of the tunnels were too narrow for certain train models to clear and before that, there was a delay in elevator and escalator testing. Yet, local officials, like Cuomo, remained hopeful that things would work out for the better. In late October, U.S. representative Carolyn Maloney declared that she had "no doubt" that the Second Avenue Subway would meet its end-or-year deadline.

Here’s to hoping that optimism doesn’t lead to disappointment. But should the MTA fail to make its deadline, we doubt there will be too many New Yorkers in shock.