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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (8) Greenpoint vs. (9) Jersey City

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Which neighborhood should advance? Cast your vote now!

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Brooklyn’s northernmost neighborhood saw progress on some major projects this past year. The area’s first megaproject, Greenpoint Landing, saw the completion of two affordable buildings: seven-story 33 Eagle Street, and six-story 21 Commercial Street. In October, 5 Blue Slip’s affordable housing lottery also launched for its 102 apartments. Altogether, the Greenpoint Landing megaproject is set to bring 5,000 apartments to the neighborhood spread out over 20 acres.

Another long-in-the-works development, The Greenpoint, made significant progress with the 40-story condo and rental building having reached halfway to the top by the end of last month. Developer Cayuga Capital has proposed a boxy-addition to 79 Quay Street, which will bring 64 apartments to the neighborhood. In terms of infrastructure, the state committed $30 million towards the continued clean up of Newtown Creek, while the city opened bike lanes along Pulaski Bridge, better connecting Greenpoint to Long Island City. Perhaps most importantly for the neighborhood, the city acquired the final piece of land to create the long-delayed Bushwick Inlet Park.

As for the neighborhood’s nightlife, the creators of Williamsburg’s New Orleans-themed oyster bar, Maison Premiere, opened Sauvage, right in front of McCarren Park, and Bill Murray’s son Homer opened the upscale venue 21 Greenpoint in September, where Bill was seen tending bar later in the year. And a new Brooklyn Night Bazaar opened along Greenpoint Avenue, capping off a pretty remarkable year for the North Brooklyn neighborhood.

Jersey City

Yes, we know—Jersey City is not New York. But we’d be remiss to ignore this area, what with the tremendous amount of projects, now in various stages of development, transforming the city—not to mention the fact that it’s a closer commute to parts of Manhattan than some neighborhoods in the outer boroughs (nevermind Staten Island). So bear with us on this, and you’ll see why this city merits inclusion.

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Perhaps the most prolific developers in the area are the Kushners. Plans for Jared Kushner’s 72-story residential building at 30 Journal Square were approved in August. Meanwhile his cousin Jonathan’s project, the massive Journal Squared development saw completion on the first of three towers. When complete, the project will bring 1,838 apartments to the neighborhood. And there’s plenty to draw residents to the area, from great restaurants and bars, to an outpost of the indie bookstore Word.

Jersey City may not have the buzz associated with Brooklyn or Manhattan, but it’s holding its own when it comes to the development of skyscrapers along the waterfront. In fact, the tallest building in all of New Jersey has also been proposed in Jersey City, the 95-story condo at 99 Hudson Street. And hey, don’t just take our word for it—an increasing number of people are choosing it over Brooklyn and Manhattan. Jersey City’s “moment” has been declared more times than we can count, but perhaps now is truly its time to shine.

But it’s now up to you to seal the fate of these neighborhoods. Which one should advance? Cast your vote below and let us know.