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NYC's 10 most Instagrammed places include Central Park and Times Square

These locations proved the most popular with Instagram photographers

Last week, Instagram revealed the cities around the world that’d been captured the most on the photo-sharing app, and—no surprises here—New York City came out on top, with more people ‘gramming the five boroughs than any other place. That’s all well and good, but what, exactly, were they Instagramming?

Another non-shocker: the most-captured spots were also some of the city’s biggest tourist destinations. Instagram provided us with a list of the NYC spots that were geotagged the most times on the app, and the top ten is basically every locale you’d expect out-of-towners to hit: Central Park, Times Square, the High Line, and the Brooklyn Bridge all made the cut, along with one sort-of outlier—Madison Square Garden.

With that in mind, we scoured Instagram for some of the loveliest photos of these particularly popular spots—and of course, there was plenty to choose from. Check out some of our favorites below.

Central Park

With more than 37 million visitors every year, it’s no surprise that the city’s most beloved (if not its biggest) park is the most Instagrammed location in the five boroughs.

Times Square

A specatcular scene can always be found in #TimesSquare at night.

A photo posted by Times Square NYC (@timessquarenyc) on

Brooklyn Bridge

Find your way. #nyc

A photo posted by nyroamer (@nyroamer) on

Rediscovered my center of gravity. // Monday morning, Brooklyn Bridge, •N•Y•C•

A photo posted by Annie Schugart Photography (@annieschugartphoto) on

The Garden

Chalk Madison Square Garden’s placement up to the number of big events—concerts, NBA and NHL games, and the like—that are held there. (It’s certainly not because the place is beautiful or anything.)

That's 3️⃣ #NYR wins in a row!

A photo posted by New York Rangers (@nyrangers) on

A photo posted by mike (@mikea9) on

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York’s biggest museum is also the one most beloved by Instagrammers, who’ve posted photos of the Upper East Side institution more than any other cultural center. It’s easy to see why, too: between the gorgeous building itself, the artworks on view, and this year’s spooky rooftop installation, it’s basically Instagram catnip.

Made it to the Met after all.

A photo posted by Amy (@plitter) on

Empire State Building

Well, duh.

The sky is clear and the Empire State Building is looking beautiful.

A photo posted by Curbed NY (@curbedny) on

MoMA The Museum of Modern Art

Warhol for lunch

A photo posted by Nicollette Petersen (@nicollettepetersen) on

moma outdoor sculpture garden #applepicking #tribecaliving #tribecalifestyle #apple@thebigapple

A photo posted by Apple Barretto (@barrettoapple) on

Rockefeller Center


A photo posted by Luis Machado (@luisfsmachado) on

A photo posted by erincmccarthy (@erincmccarthy) on

The High Line

Again.. #tb#NY

A photo posted by Natha♕ (@__naaathaa) on

Statue of Liberty at Liberty Island