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Jarmulowsky Bank Building unveils its new brick addition

The annex, next to the old bank building, is slated to become office spaces

Bowery Boogie

The moment has arrived: three years after work first began, the scaffolding is gone, and the six-story Jarmulowsky Bank annex at 60 Canal Street has been revealed, according to Bowery Boogie. And the result is … well, lots of brick.

The original idea was for the 10,000-square-foot addition to become part of what was going to be the hotel next door (allegedly to be managed by the Ace Hotel folks), but those plans have since been scrapped. As of this spring, industry insiders were reporting that DLJ Real Estate Partners had announced plans to instead convert the landmarked building into “‘creative office space,” with retail on the first two floors.

And the main attraction, too, is coming along. DLJ is purportedly “sparing no expense” in the restoration of the old bank, and is now recruiting tenants to occupy the building. But rest assured: some plans for place may have changed, but plans to restore the Jarmulowsky’s beloved cupola are apparently still on.