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Mott Haven's condofication continues with third new market-rate building

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One market-rate condo is complete, and a second is in development

413 East 135th Street
Via Google Maps

It’s evident that Mott Haven in the Bronx is primed for massive development in the coming years, and adding to that mix now is a new condo building set to rise right across from the Major Deegan Expressway, and close to the Willis Avenue Bridge, Welcome2TheBronx reports.

The founder of that blog, Ed García Conde spotted the development while walking by the construction site which is now emblazoned with the words “luxury condos coming soon.” Long-term residents like Conde have questioned the rampant development in the neighborhood and for this particular project Conde wondered why a developer would plan a condo building so close to the expressway.

Regardless, the building, set to be located at 413 East 135th Street will bring 22 apartments to the neighborhood. It joins Bronx Bricks at 305 East 140th Street and the 50-unit condo building at 221 East 138th Street as the third market-rate condo proposed for the neighborhood.

With a Hudson Yards-style project proposed just north of the Willis Avenue Bridge last week, many more such developments may soon be in the offing.