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Embattled art-world honcho lists enormous Sutton Square townhouse for $39.8M

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Guy Wildenstein, currently embroiled in a tax-fraud lawsuit, is selling the place

Images via Corcoran

The Wildenstein clan continues to sell off its real-estate holdings in New York, and this time, it’s patriarch Guy who’s getting rid of an absurdly expensive home. He just listed a townhouse at 7 Sutton Square for $39.8 million, which the Real Deal notes is a $10 million reduction from what he originally wanted for the house. But it’s not like he can really afford to be choosy: Wildenstein is currently awaiting a verdict in a tax fraud trial in France, which could see the art-world honcho spending up to two years in prison and paying a hefty fine.

As for the home itself, it’s a rather large (9,600 square feet) double-wide townhouse on the tiny Sutton Square enclave; thanks to its location at the end of the block, the house has stunning East River views. It was originally two townhouses, according to the New York Times, but a previous owner combined them, because his original 16-foot townhouse simply wasn’t big enough. (The rich: they’re not like the rest of us.)

Wildenstein bought the place in 2008 for $32.5 million, and seemingly didn’t change too much about it. The previous owner’s gut renovation kept the home’s 19th-century origins in mind, preserving many original details while adding in modern conveniences like a huge chef’s kitchen and sauna-like showers. And it has many grand and fancy touches, including parquet de Versailles wood floors, a glass rotund, and a filigreed spiral staircase. Per the brokerbabble, it’s “a grand and iconic residence for the new gilded age.” (Oh, brother.)

Wildenstein’s son, David, is currently embroiled in his own scandal over an Upper East Side townhouse, which was for sale not so long ago and recently entered contract for $81 million. (That almost makes his dad’s house seem less absurd—almost.)