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Big reveal: $399,000 for a one-bedroom Yorkville fixer-upper

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Did you guess correctly?

Images courtesy Corcoran

Yesterday Curbed asked our readers to try their luck at guessing the asking price for this Upper East Side one-bedroom that likely needs serious renovations. Commenters UESNYCbabe and melpow were the only two that guessed the correct price of $399,000. Others like easternwestern and yingei were just off the mark with their guess of $405,000.

A shared sentiment among the 15 comments was a dislike of the peculiar layout. “[N]o amount of renovation is going to change the fact that the bathroom and bedroom are on opposite sides of the apartment, as is the closet and dressing room, which everyone has to walk through to get to the bathroom,” stated JEG10021. Also, many agreed that it was safe to assume the worse for the condition of the kitchen and bathroom, given their lack of photos.

So now that you know the price, is it justified or overreaching? Here’s one more look at the space: