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Penthouse atop Richard Meier's glassy West Village condo returns for $30M

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The owner has been trying to offload the apartment for two years

Images via Halstead

The saying “if at first you don’t succeed, try again” is pretty much always applicable when talking about New York real estate, particularly in the upper-upper-echelon of the market. Today’s example: a penthouse atop starchitect Richard Meier’s glassy condo at 165 Charles Street, which reappeared today asking $30 million.

The condo, which is owned by British art magazine publisher Louise T. Blouin MacBain, first appeared as a resale in 2014, asking $35 million; then, its price was inexplicably raised to $40 million, and bumped back down to $35 million a year later. No one bit, so MacBain is try, trying again at $30 million. (One thing that hasn’t changed: the utterly outrageous $10,199 common charges. Yeesh.)

The latest batch of listings photos aren’t as extensive (or even as nice) as previous ones, but they show off the penthouse’s wall-to-wall glass facade, as well as its wraparound terrace with Hudson River views. They also don’t include a floorplan, but an older listing was accompanied by this one:

The apartment itself is still big (4,551 square feet) and still has contemporary finishes, plenty of en-suite bathrooms, and a huge double-height great room. Now to see if—as another saying goes—the fourth time’s the charm.

165 Charles Street

165 Charles Street, New York, NY 10014