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Curbed Cup 1st round results! South Village trounces Hudson Yards

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Plus, see the full bracket revealed for the first time

The first round of voting in the 2016 Curbed Cup is over, and in a somewhat stunning turn of events, the no. 16 seed—the South Village—rose to victory over the no. 1 seed, Hudson Yards. Perhaps, as several commenters pointed out, this just isn’t the megaproject’s year, and it will remain more of a contender when its myriad buildings and public spaces are actually open to, well, the public.

In a less stunning, but still surprising, upset, Greenpoint was knocked out of the bracket by—gasp!—Jersey City, proving that, despite the fact that it’s not part of the five boroughs, the development-rich city is having a banner year.

Otherwise, the match-ups progressed as expected: after a big year, the Financial District beat Two Bridges, which will soon experience its own skyscraper boom; similarly, Long Island City and Prospect Heights—two areas welcoming hundreds of residents in the next few months—beat out their competition, too.

But the next round of voting is about to get a lot more interesting. Elite Eight voting will begin next Monday, December 19; may the best neighborhood(s) proceed!