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Louis C.K. buys a pleasantly simple Greenwich Village two-bedroom

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The comedian dropped $2.45 million on the co-op

Comedian Louis C.K. is a well-documented Village dweller, both on his (fictional) TV show Louie and in real life through his various New York City real estate holdings. And it looks like Mr. C.K., real name Louis Szekely, is sticking to script: according to public record, the comedian just picked up yet another Village property—a two-bedroom co-op just west of Sixth Avenue.

Louis C.K. is also the owner of three apartments in a West Village townhouse, the most recent of which he purchased for $564,900 in January, and a $2.44 million Shelter Island cottage once owned by Babe Ruth. Louis paid $2.45 million for the new Village two-bedroom, which he picked up from architect Peter Eisenman and magazine editor Cynthia Davidson. The apartment includes an updated kitchen, an office with a built-in desk, two large bedrooms, and a spacious laundry room.