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City launches app that lets drivers pay-to-park from their cell phones

Parking in Manhattan just got a lot easier

New six-digit zone signs for pay-by-phone parking
Courtesy Department of Transportation

It’s no secret that trying to find parking in Midtown can be a true nightmare but a new app hopes to make the entire ordeal just a little bit less stressful. Mayor de Blasio announced ParkNYC, a new app that lets you conveniently feed the parking meter from your smartphone, letting you kiss those quarters goodbye, should you so choose (h/t DNAinfo).

ParkNYC will work something like an EZPass. Once the app is downloaded and your license and vehicle information have been added to your account information, funds can be loaded in increments beginning at $25. From there, it’s simple: once you find a parking spot, enter its six-digit zone into the app, the length of time you’ll need, and that’s it. No papers to display on the dashboard or anything. NYPD traffic agents will be able to see your payment on their handheld devices.

Courtesy Department of Transportation

Another nifty component of the app is the ability to receive notifications on your phone when your time is about to expire. From there, you can simply reload from your phone and save yourself the trouble of having to run outside to the machine. However, if parking regulations only allow parking for a set amount of time, you will not be able to refill once you’ve reached the max (so if the zone allows parking for up to one hour, the app will not allow refills beyond that).

ParkNYC has been rolled out for all meters between 14th Street and 59th Street in Manhattan and will eventually expand to all five boroughs. The app was developed by Parkmobile and is being implemented by the Department of Transportation.

“ParkNYC is a major customer service win,” said NYPD Chief of Transportation Thomas Chan. “Technology is providing the public with an excellent alternative payment option, and in my opinion a more convenient option, to ease their busy days.” In this city, every little bit helps.