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$37M Chelsea townhouse comes with a Bentley because why not

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It’s now the antithesis of its Karim Rashid days

All photos courtesy Compass

UPDATE: It wasn’t enough that Chelsea’s second most expensive home on the market was already offering mind-boggling amenities like a steam and sauna room, a swimming pool, and a home theater system, but now the development team is adding another zillionaire-grabbing feature to the list: a Bentley. Yes, you read that right. The luxury car, which usually starts at around $200,000 for the cheapest model, will now be a part of the $36.8 million package.

The opulent, 11,000-square-foot townhouse has now been on the market for nearly two months. The interiors were designed by Interior Marketing Group, and this latest luxury addition was in part inspired by America’s most expensive home for sale right now, which among other things comes with a helipad and a Rolls Royce. Do you think a Bentley will seal the deal? sound off in the comments below.

Donna Dotan Photography

In September 2015, developer Wonder Works announced plans to take a 25-foot-wide building located on West 17th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues in Chelsea and convert it into a single family townhouse. Interior designer Karim Rashid designed and occupied two floors in that building, but the developer planned to strip that aesthetic completely and create something quite far removed from Rashid’s neon inclinations.

Those plans have now come to fruition with the townhouse currently on the market asking a whopping $36.8 million. That’s the currently the second most expensive listing in Chelsea, and stands second only to one of the penthouse units at the Zaha Hadid-designed High Line condo at 520 West 28th Street.

The townhouse on West 17th Street may have removed the signature designs of Rashid, but it doesn’t make the house any less over the top. Sure the color palette is more subdued, but where it lacks in vibrant colors it more than makes up for with its outrageous range of amenities and fittings.

The cellar level here comes with its own swimming pool, a steam and sauna room, a fitness center, and a home theater system. The townhouse overall spans 11,000 square feet and has an additional 2,000 square feet of outdoor space that comes in the form of a small garden, two large rear terraces, and a roof deck.

The house has five bedrooms, and 11 (!!!) bathrooms, and has been done up with tons of uber-pricey fittings including Swarovski crystals and leather-accent walls. With all of that, it’s no wonder this townhouse is asking for such a fanciful sum, but it remains to be seen if it can find an eager enough buyer.