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Another slow-to-sell One57 condo finds a buyer

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The apartment wanted $59 million but sold for almost $13 million less

Just a few months ago, Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian snatched up a One57 apartment that was once priced at $43 million for a mere $23.5 million. Now, another of the building’s high-priced condos sold at a steep discount. According to The Real Deal, the building’s 83rd-floor unit, once asking $58.5 million, sold for $45.8 million—a nearly $13 million discount

The 6,240-square-foot sponsor unit had been on the market since March 2015. The Real Deal reports that the buyers who finally picked up the four-bedroom, five-bathroom pad were shielded behind three private trusts, two of which are somehow affiliated with British entrepreneur and billionaire Malcolm Healey.

According to Anna Zarro, Extell’s director of sales and leasing, the reason for the deep discount is due to a prior purchaser of the unit forfeiting their deposit, resulting in an “excellent deal.” (Sure, if you’re a billionaire.)

But it’s also just one more in an increasingly long line of pricechopped apartments within the tower, which has yet to sell out several years after its pricey pads first hit the market. (Not to mention other tactics—renting out places, offering turnkey condos—that the marketing team has done to move apartments.)

Here’s a look at the floorplan, which offers a glimpse at what this buyer is getting—including a “grand salon” with high ceilings.


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