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Chloe Sevigny lists Park Slope pad with Prospect Park views

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The four-bedroom apartment is on the market for $2.75M

Actress Chloe Sevigny left the East Village behind in 2013, notably decrying the neighborhood’s gentrification in her wake. “[W]alking around the East Village, I just want to cry at the state of it. There are so many fuckin' jocks everywhere! It's like a frat house everywhere,” Sevigny said to Daily Beast, “[W]here are the real weirdos? The real outcasts?”

At that, one would have assumed the Kids actress would be headed to [insert still-existing non-hypergentrified NYC neighborhood here], but she instead made the curious choice of setting her sights on...Park Slope? Sevigny went on to pick up a classic apartment in a doorman building right off of Grand Army Plaza along Prospect Park, and now, all of three years later, the actress has listed the apartment for sale (h/t Brownstoner).

Maybe Sevigny isn’t “really feeling the vibes” of Brooklyn’s “dorkiest, hokiest neighborhood” neighborhood anymore. Whatever the case, the $2.75 million apartment Sevigny’s leaving behind—which she purchased for $2.053 million in April 2013—is downright lovely.

As Brownstoner notes, the four-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment’s undergone some improvements over the past three years, most notably a kitchen upgrade that includes polished concrete floors, new black granite countertops, and a subway tile backsplash. The apartment was also stripped of its whacky variety of wallpaper, and the living area’s been repainted from aggressive peach to light grey. The apartment’s been on the market since November, but has flown under the radar.