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Quirky art installation coming to Times Square’s ubiquitous video billboards

Artist Pipilotti Rist seeks to challenge the expectations of women in media with her comical video installation

A funky new art installation is coming to shake up Times Square. As part of Midnight Moment, a monthly presentation brought about by the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts, artist Pipilotti Rist will showcase her exhibition entitled Open My Glade (Flatten) to the square.

The video exhibition will take over the screens of Times Square every night from 11:57 p.m. until midnight and will feature a video of Rist flattening her face against the television screen in an attempt to “break through” the glass. The humorous mini-flick will invade the normally colorful screens as Rist carries on with her shenanigans, smearing her makeup against the glass and all. But the video’s intentions are bigger than just prompting a few laughs.

Open my Glade (Flatten by Pipiloti Rist
Courtesy Times Square Arts

“At a time when the larger political currents are making many women feel both the glass ceiling and the walls closing in on their bodies, this work resonates more than ever,” said Times Square Alliance president Tim Tompkins. Rist seeks to challenge the expectations the people have of women in media while questioning the “individual boundaries placed on women and their history, experiences, pains and wishes in ways that resonate just as much in 2017 as they did in 2000,” says the official press release.

Open my Glade (Flatten) will be broadcast every night from January 1st through January 31st.

Times Square

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