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Design your perfect subway map with this engrossing game

For those who think they have better ways of designing the city’s subway system than the MTA

Almost every New Yorker has had their fair share of headaches courtesy of the MTA’s subway system, and can probably give you at least one opinion on what is wrong with it that’s usually accompanied by a fix. Now, engineer Jason Wright has crafted something that just might help riders right some of the MTA’s wrongs, for a slight reprieve, even if it isn’t real.

Wright’s new game entitled “Brand New Subway” allows users to re-envision the city’s subway map and build a new one to their own liking (h/t Arch Daily, CityLab). You can add new subway lines, create new stops, and even incorporate the proposed Brooklyn-Queens streetcar into the mix. Points are accumulated based on accessibility between the various stations and, just like in real life, the map is graded (the current subway map averages a B).

While the game can’t do anything to prevent real-life MTA woes, its nice to dream of the possibilities. So go ahead and reinvent the wheel, er, subway map.