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Hidden Nomad rooftop cabin is NYC’s most unusual rental

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The cozy penthouse cabin is on the rental market for $4,200

Keller Williams

There is a great, if little-known phenomena in New York City: the rooftop cabin. They hide above our heads (see: in Greenwich Village, the West Village) offering their residents a sunny respite, often accompanied by a private rooftop terrace most can only dream of. Now, dear renters, buckle up: the most charming rooftop cabin in Nomad is on the rental market for the New York City Reasonable price of $4,200/month.

The cabin in question sits atop 15 West 28th Street, between Fifth And Sixth avenues, and offers a spacious studio layout with a sleeping alcove, an updated kitchen—dishwasher included!—petite bathroom, and glorious skylights. But the real star of the space is the terrace that surrounds the apartment, including the adorable deck that emulates one you’d might find on a country homestead. The penthouse apartment is downright charming from the exterior, with its white porch and hooks for hanging plants.

The penthouse was captured in its full glory in the largest photograph ever taken of New York City, showing that its previous occupants decorated the terrace with potted plants, loungers, a sun umbrella, and other accessories inspiring of a dreamy country life. Browsing potential renters: act quick on this one. It’s the stuff of New York City fantasy.