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Gas station-replacing High Line condos will start at $15M

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Michael Shvo and Victor Group are the developers behind the pricey condos

Peter Marino’s latest High Line-hugging condo project, The Getty—so named for the gas station it replaced, not the Los Angeles art museum—just got the nod from the state Attorney General’s office to launch sales, and it’s safe to say that units in the ultra-luxe building are not for the faint of wallet.

According to The Real Deal, prices for The Getty’s six full-floor residences will start at $15 million — roughly $4,500 a foot for a 3,300-square-foot abode. If you want the 6,400-square-foot duplex penthouse, though, you’re going to pay a little more for the privilege: that’s going for a full $50 million, although to be fair, it does come with a rooftop terrace, a private pool, and 3,000 feet of exterior space.

For what it’s worth (many millions), the entirety of the building will be finished with the snazzy materials from around the globe, including “stone, marble, and wood brought in from India, Pakistan, Uganda, and Greece.” In a less expected twist, it will also house an art museum, featuring pieces from the private collection of J. Tomilson Hill, a vice chairman of I-banking firm the Blackstone Group and personal pal of Peter Marino.

Co-developed by Victor Group and Michael Shvo (who himself is in a bit of hot water at the moment—in September, he was indicted on tax evasion charges), the project is the priciest boutique new development on the West Side, TRD notes. The projected sellout for the project is about $140 million, and units are expected to be move-in ready by the summer of 2017.